Freeaire saves retailers money on refrigeration costs Freeaire: Money saving solutions for warehouses, breweries and other large refrigerated spaces

Freeaire® – Save Energy. Save Money. Save Maintenance. Save the Planet.

Freeaire Refrigeration provides energy efficient commercial and industrial cooling solutions for walk-in coolers and freezers, refrigerated warehouses, and server rooms. Freeaire’s All Climate system — with the advanced, digital Cooler Controller — reduces electricity consumption by eliminating unnecessary operation of every part of your compressor system, resulting in unmatched energy efficiency and significant operating cost savings, no matter where you live or how hot it is outside.

In colder climates the addition of a Freeaire Polar Power® package allows use of cold outside air, a natural and endlessly renewable source of energy. Like wind and solar energy, “polar energy” is delivered to your door for free, but is even more cost effective to harness.

Freeaire inventor Richard Travers began experimenting with the use of cold outside air for cooling on a frigid Vermont winter night in the early 1970s.  Today’s advanced, patented Freeaire products are the result of more than twenty years of continuous refinement and ongoing development.

Freeaire products represent the most advanced outside air economizer technology available and are CE certified.

Appropriate for coolers and freezers for grocery, convenience and liquor stores, food warehouses, food processors, restaurant chains — any refrigerated space of 1,000 cubic feet or more, Freeaire delivers green, sustainable refrigeration with maximum energy savings.